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Non-standard automation in the application of science and technology


Non-standard automation in the application of science and technology

Science and technology are changing with each passing day, all walks of life in society have undergone tremendous changes due to the renewal of science and technology. In the past, factories were all produced by manual operation. Now more and more are automated production, and automated machines replace labor. Production, and in this case, non-standard Automation Equipment has become a hot industry. Through the automated production of these non-standard equipment, an enterprise with an annual output value of over 100 million often needs only 10 technicians to meet the production. Need.

According to relevant statistics, there are only 50 non-standard equipment custom robots for every 1,000 workers in China, while 1,000 workers in Japan are equipped with 1,800 non-standard robots and 2,000 in the United States. Therefore, under the same production value, the management costs and labor costs of manufacturing in Europe, America, Japan and South Korea are far lower than ours. Technology has been in every aspect of our life and work,

Speaking of non-standard, covering a wide range, in hardware, electronics, automotive, textile, chemical, food, medicine and other industries will be used, such as to achieve automatic loading and unloading of parts, automatic assembly, automatic packaging, sealing, Labeling, testing, etc. As long as the need to improve efficiency, machine substitution, stable product quality, and elimination of pollution in all aspects of production can be replaced by non-standard equipment.
Now with the improvement of the quality of life, people's demand for food is increasing, and the requirements for hygiene and quality are also more strict. The application of customized non-standard equipment can realize automatic packaging of these foods, and the quality of product packaging is more excellent. The production and transportation are faster and the production efficiency is improved.

The automobile manufacturing industry is the most extensive industry for automation equipment applications in the industry. Non-standard automation equipment is widely used in the manufacture and installation of various automotive parts such as lamp assembly lines and steering wheel production lines.

Electronic and electrical appliances are transported by means of production lines during production. Therefore, automatic non-standard equipment customization is also an important application method in the transmission of electronic and electrical production lines. At present, the logistics industry is also an industry that develops relatively fast. The storage equipment used in the warehousing process of logistics activities will also be customized with automated non-standard equipment to improve the efficiency of logistics activities.

Of course, the application of automated non-standard equipment customization is certainly more than that. Basically, each industry will use automated non-standard equipment customization, which can be used to improve production efficiency and also achieve some special production requirements. For companies that are committed to the development of automation equipment, non-standard automation equipment is undoubtedly the easiest industry to cut, especially for those who are engaged in non-standard design to enter this field and start to explore. .

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