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How to check the failure of non standard automation equipment

Non-standard automation in the production process will encounter problems, then how to check non-standard Automation Equipment failure? Here for everyone to introduce how to check non-standard automation equipment failure.

1, check all power supply, gas source, hydraulic source. The gas source includes the air pressure source required for the pneumatic device. The hydraulic source includes the working condition of the hydraulic pump required by the hydraulic device.

2, check whether the position of the sensor is offset. Due to the negligence of the equipment maintenance personnel, there may be errors in the position of some sensors, such as failure, sensor failure, sensitivity and so on. The sensor's sensing position and sensitivity should be checked regularly, and the deviation is adjusted in time. If the sensor is broken, the sensor will be replaced immediately.

3, check relay, flow control valve, pressure control relay and magnetic induction sensor, long-term use will also appear ground adhesion, thus the electrical circuit can not guarantee the normal, need to be replaced.

4, check the electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic circuit connection to check whether the trachea has a damaged crease.

5, after the above steps are guaranteed, the fault may appear in the controller, but it can never be a program problem.

Second, if the reboot is invalid, check whether the connection of the controller is loose and there is a bad contact. Finally, if the connection is unmistakable. It is a problem to judge whether the PLC's memory card is available. Replace a new card, download the program, check whether it is a previous memory card has a failure.

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