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Non-standard automation equipment application fields and functions

Non-standard Automation Equipment in various fields in the wide range of applications

Automation equipment, non-standard automation favored by the enterprise, has entered various fields, is now widely used in industry, agriculture, military, scientific research, transportation, business, medical, service and family and so on. The choice of automation skills can not only liberate people from deep physical labor, some mental work and poor, dangerous working environment, and can expand the function of human organs, greatly improve the labor productivity, enhance the human knowledge of the international and international Talent.

In the non-standard automation equipment market demand is growing at the same time, we must recognize a reality, that is, many non-standard automation of the enterprise's designers are simply not familiar with the product, not or not selected, to a large extent Limit the level of improvement, and in many of the core technology is not really independent, are in a simple imitation, did not develop their own characteristics of products, patented products, many high-end products such as industrial robots and servo motors are still dependent on foreign import. In the domestic automation industry, more than a dozen small workshop production is the industry mainstream form, more than 100 people can be called a large factory.

Non-standard automation equipment has the following functions: for the characteristics of the product, refining the existing production process or another development process, by the automatic completion of the machine automatically fill, identify, position calibration, positioning, distribution, the implementation of mechanical processing, assembly, Inspection, function testing, inspection classification, CCD image selectable element reading and measurement and comparison, screening, material distribution, repair, glue paste, Penma, input electronic database, convergence, cleaning, drying, heat Shrink, seal, plug, cut, high frequency, welding, spraying, printing, curing, packaging and so on; or with other standard equipment set up automatic production lines. The real Production Line is not a dragged belt, nor a large number of robots composed of very wasteful high-cost fixed assets, but according to the strength of the potential as a variety of module components under reasonable physical conditions Design of automatic mechanical equipment, both efficient and inexpensive. As we only need a cup of water when you can, do not need a bottle of Maotai or a ton of water, the right is for the most needed. Our goal is to save people, few people even unattended operations.

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