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Non-standard automation equipment solve manual production problems

Non-standard Automation Equipment is classified according to customer needs. It is how to solve some manual production problems. Detailed analysis is given below.

First, non-standard automation equipment according to customer needs classification Non-standard automation equipment is a term often heard in the production industry, but many people do not understand the true meaning of non-standard automation equipment, the following details.

From the basic definition, non-standard automation equipment is the only type of machinery that users subscribe to. It is not available on the market. Even if you have a second equipment that is still ready to purchase, you need it. It is custom-made because such products are only ordered and not sold.

From the perspective of classification, non-standard automation equipment is mainly based on customers, that is, the industry where the equipment's users are located. The main differences are: belt line series, drying line series, drum line series, chain plate line series, double speed chain series , Assembly Line series and automation plane series.

Second, non-standard automation equipment how to solve some of the manual production problems For non-standard automation equipment, in order to improve plant production efficiency, reduce costs, improve product quality and output, and to solve some of the manual production is difficult to achieve some Stations and movements. Therefore, the requirements for the reliability and stability of the equipment are very high. This requires our design engineers to have a very good understanding of the process of the product and to analyze in great detail what technical specifications the equipment should meet in order to meet the minimum failure rate when the product is manufactured through the equipment and to meet the requirements of the customer. Production speed and beats.

Third, the basic requirements for non-standard automation equipment to meet the standard 1. The quality requirements of the devices used in the equipment. The quality of the devices used in the equipment must be very high. Therefore, for the quality of the pneumatic components, guiding components, circuit components, control systems, and mechanical components that are used in the equipment, the originals used are also devices that have been continuously tested to achieve the required specifications. Design engineer's design capabilities. Engineers who design non-standard automation equipment must have very rich design experience and must be familiar with many different process requirements and specifications. Can be a variety of process production requirements have a strong ability to judge, can promptly determine the various key points to pay attention to the production process, in order to ensure the reliability of production equipment, safety, stability.

3. Quality equipment commissioning and trial production services. After debugging, the performance of each indicator of the equipment is in a good state, and the customer is given initial training and training, as well as internal performance and various requirements of the equipment.

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