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Screw locking machine application range and advantages

Automatic locking Screw Machine can be used for small mobile electronic devices such as general mobile phone case, power adapter, PCB electronic products, electronic small equipment, mobile phone board, battery box, small household appliances, routers, power strips, power supplies, toy wheels, auto parts assembly, etc. Assemble the product. The high-efficiency automatic lock Screw Machine saves labor and improves efficiency for the enterprise. It can be designed and manufactured according to the screw type of the product processing specifications provided by the enterprise. Whether it is a hand-held Automatic Screwing Machine or a multi-axis Automatic Locking Screw Machine, the core of their automation is automatic feeding, automatic locking, automatic detection of unqualified screws, and material shortage alarms.

Provincial cost: single person can operate efficiently, and one person is equivalent to multi-person efficiency;

High efficiency: the single screw can be locked for 1.5 seconds at the fastest, which instantly improves efficiency;

Ultra-clean: no longer touch the screw directly, avoiding the problem of rust caused by secondary pollution of the hand;

High quality: precise screwing of each screw;

Reliability: can work more than 20 hours a day;

Versatility: For products that lock the same screw, you only need to change the fixture, you can lock different products, and you can put into production through simple programming, which is very convenient for enterprises to organize production;

Good image: Intelligent Automation Equipment makes the company's production scene new and establishes the high-tech image of the company.

The screw machine can replace the manual-specific screw lock operation and realize mechanized production. It can be operated in a single machine, and it can be operated stand-alone without any external computer. Not only is the installation convenient, the operation setting is simpler, it can save a lot of employees, just need to load and unload, it can save time and effort. It takes up less space and saves working time. Applicable to the screw assembly industry (keyboard, toys, plugs, lighting, mobile phones, computers, telephones, calculators, chassis, chargers, various small appliances and small items production lines, etc.). Effectively optimize the process, reduce staff and increase efficiency by 20%

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