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System structure and attention of automatic screw machine

System equipment structure

The system consists of hardware and software.

1, the hardware part:

PLC, Touch Screen, Air Cylinder, Solenoid Valve, Magnetic Switch, Filter and Pressure Regulator, Various Sensor Switches, Protection Gratings, Trap Indicators, Pushbutton Switches, Indicator Lights, Alarm Lamps, Air Switches, Switching Power Supply, Air Batch, Vibration Disk, system equipment box, electric box, positioning fixture and other components.

2, the software part:

Start function, automatic mode, manual mode, time setting module, count clear module, cylinder down time module, wind batch working time module, etc.

Automatic Screw Machine working environment

The working voltage of the Automatic Screwing Machine is generally set by the customer. The air compressor has 220V and 380V. Simply speaking, the power supply voltage of the Automatic locking Screw Machine is 220V, including the Hand-Held Screw Machine, multi-axis automatic Screw Machine, Fully automatic screw machine, in which the working voltage of the hand-held screw electromechanical batch internal components is to convert the 220V supply voltage to 36V.
The working voltage of the internal components of the automatic lock screw machine is to convert the 220V supply voltage to 24V.
Automatic screw machine working temperature
Automatic lock screw machine belongs to Automation Equipment, not special equipment. Its working temperature is similar to other machinery, generally -20 °C to 40 °C. Temperature is too low will affect the normal operation of some components.

Screw machine precautions

1 The sliding of the electric batch nozzle on the electric mouthpiece should be kept smooth, otherwise it would make it difficult for the screw to enter the electric batch nose nozzle and affect the use of the machine.

2 Do not bend the screw conveying pipe, otherwise it will cause the screw to get stuck in the bend during screw feeding.

3 Be sure to wait for the electric torque to reach the set torque. After the electric batch is automatically stopped, lift the electric batch. Otherwise, the machine will not move. Feed a screw to the electric nose nozzle to be locked.

4 If it is found that the machine did not send a screw to the electric nose nozzle to be locked, it can be repeated once to lock the screw, or manually to send the screw button manually, so that the machine sends a screw to the electric nose nozzle to be locked.

5 The air pressure is not adjustable too much, otherwise it will only accelerate the wear rate of the electric nozzle.

6 The orbital vibration force cannot be adjusted too much, otherwise the screw can easily extrude the track on the screw track and affect the stability of the machine.

The automatic screwing machine uses all the screws at one time. Including product transfer, positioning, screw discharge, and screw feeding are completely automated by the equipment. The operator only needs to do a simple operation: Put the product in front of the equipment, check the supply of materials regularly, which greatly simplifies the operation, improves work efficiency, short screw time, prevent bad products and man-made bad products.

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