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The technique of assembly and debugging of non standard automation equipment

The basic debugging skills of any machinery, including non - standard Automation Equipment, are "horizontal, vertical, concentric", first of all, regardless of the debugging of any of the products, we all have to understand its characteristics, and the customer's technical requirements. Now I would like to introduce some common debugging skills for you. 1) understand product characteristics (including appearance, size, tolerance, structure, process, etc.)
2) clean parts (including standard parts and non-standard parts), pick out the most core parts, and assemble them from the core parts. During assembly, the accuracy of measuring components should be checked to ensure horizontal, vertical and concentricity problems.
3.) for a single cylinder push or lift part, ensure that the pull should be in place and push must be in place, and there is no abnormal resistance.
4) the rotation part should ensure the balance, perpendicularity and concentricity of the rotating part. In order to reach the arm, the precision of dividing.
5) the pin, the pin hole and the slot place should wipe clean, choose the appropriate pin (the hardness of the pin material is above 58 degrees), the positioning pin to be the best, convenient disassembly and assembly, the groove precision should be less than 0.02, to ensure the accuracy of the two times, too tight. If it is too large, no precision, too tight can not be assembled 6) the feed feed part of the material is mostly based on the product, and the tolerance zone is about 0.1 to ensure that the product is unimpeded in the passage of the material. The direction of material entry and interface should be inverted with 0.2*30 degrees as the standard, depending on the product. The interior of the track should be polished to prevent scraping and scraping
7) when the screw and slide rail is assembled, special attention should be paid to the nuts and slide rails, not slipping out of the screw and slide rail, so as to avoid the accuracy of the paint beads falling out. After assembly, ensure the parallelism, perpendicularity and concentricity of parts, then assemble again. To prevent unqualified zero slide rail from causing deformation.
8) the speed regulating valve of the valve should be at the best speed when the product is shipped away without affecting the production efficiency. The valve is too fast to vibrate or to shake the product. If too slowly, it will reduce the production efficiency. (pay attention to the exhaust throttle we usually use)
9) Regulation and fault treatment of common components
A) magnetic switch (often called inductor), cylinder inductive induction and rear feel. The front induction is pushed forward to the front end of the cylinder, and the cylinder stroke should also be in the front end. At this time the sensor should be in the light of the light, and it is appropriate to push the sensor from the front to the first light. Sense of post modulation
B) the optical fiber is adjusted according to different brand specifications. The operation is different. But the principle is the same.
C) vibration disc, direct vibration disk and direct vibration are divided into two parts: vibration part and control part. The vibration part is mainly the vibrating magnet, the control part is the vibration controller, the controller has a power switch button, and a voltage and frequency button. If the vibration frequency is too large, the product will vibrate or return, vibration will be too small, the product will move or move. If the vibration frequency and voltage are adjusted to the maximum, the vibration disc or the direct vibration is still slightly jitter. It should be checked whether the questions between the electromagnets or the steel sheets are loose or broken, and the gap between the electromagnets is most suitable for 0.5-1mm.
Please adjust it properly according to the situation

The above are some simple debugging skills. When assembling non-standard automation equipment, it is reasonable and flexible to use these skills to help you quickly debug. Benefit from women and reduce production cost of equipment

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