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Dongguan Rener Automation Technology Co Ltd Is a high tech enterprise engaged in industrial non standard mechanical equipment R D production sales and service of automation Our products are widely used in automatic production of standard fasteners hardware accessories auto parts electronic parts electrical appliances plastic hardware locks medical equipment accessories cosmetics sanitary products and other industries Undertake mobile phone connector automotive medical hardware wire all kinds of consumer electronic products sanitary products and other non standard automation equipment R D project development to undertake a variety of plastic hardware products production line assembly line...

Categories and Products

Production Line and Assembly Line

Assembly Machine For Plastic Hardware

Customised Automatic Assembly Machine for Plastic Hardware Automatic Assembly Machine For Plastic Cap Customized Plastic Parts Assembly Machine Manufacturing & Processing Non-Standard Automation Equipment Plastic Hardware Assembly Line System Non-standard automation equipment for assembly machine Non standard custom assembly machine Non - standard custom assembly line automation equipment Non standard Automated Equipment for Plastic Hardware Non standard plastic product assembly line Shattaf Automatic Assembly Machine Plastic screw assembly machine Non standard assembling machine for Plastic Hardware Automation Equipment For Plastic hardware Automatic Assembly Machine for Plastic Hardware Non standard assembly line for plastic product Automatic Assembly Equipment For Plastic Hardware Production Line For Plastic Hardware Production Machine For Plastic Hardware Plastic Hardware Assembly Machine System 

Sanitary Assembly Machine

Non-Standard Automatic Assembly Line for Shower Head Non-Standard Automatic Assembly Machine for Shower Head Non-Standard Automatic Assembly Machine for Water Inlet Non-Standard Automatic Assembly Machine for Valve Non-Standard Automatic Assembly Line for Tap Non-Standard Automatic Assembly Line for Valve Manufacturing Production Line For Shower Nozzle Manufacturing Production Line For Tap Industrial production line automatic assembly equipment Automatic Assembly Product Line for Sanitary Automatic Assembly Production Line for Tap Non-Standard Automatic Assembling Line for Sanitary Non-Standard Automation Equipment for Sanitary Non-Standard Automatic Assembly Equipment for Valve Manufacturing Assembly Machines For Shower Head Automated Assembly Product Line for Waer Inlet Assembly Line Production System Assembly Automation Equipment For Sanitary Automated Assembly Machine for Sanitary Automated Assembly Line For Shower Nozzle 

Assembly Machine For Door Handle

Assembly Machine For Door Handle Door Handle assembly line production system Manufacturing Automated Assembly Machines Door Handle Production Line Door and window fittings assembly machine Door Handle Automatic Assembly Machine Door Handle Automatic Assembly Line Door Handle Assembly Line Door and Window Fittings Assembly Line Hardware fittings assembly machine Automatic Assembly Machine For Door Handle 

Connector Assembly Machine

USB 3pin/4pin Automatic Assembling Machine Professional Customized Earphone Automatic Assembly Machine Customized HDMI Automatic Assembly Machine Electronic Connector Assembly Machine Electrical Connector Assembly Machine Automotive Connector Assembly Line 

Keyboard Keys Assembly Machine

Computer Keyboard Keys Automatic Assembly Machine Automatic Assembling Equipment For Keyboard Keys Automatic Assemble Machine for Keyboard Keys 

Cosmetic Bottle Cap Assembling Machine

Cosmetic Bottle Cap Assembly Machine Automatic Capping Machine For bottle Cap Make-up cap assembly line Cosmetic container packing line Cosmetic automatic assembly machine 

Turntable Assembly Machine

Turntable assembly line machinery parts assembly Turntable Automatic Assembly Line Non standard Rotating disc assembly machine Non standard Rotating Disc Automatic assembly machine Turntable non standard assembly equipment Non standard customized full automatic production line Non standard industrial assembly line for shower head Non standard industrial automation product line Automatic assembly line for non standard automation Turntable industrial automation equipment Industrial Automation Equipment For Plastic Hardware 

Automatic Packing Machine

CCD Testing and Packaging Machine

CCD Detection Machine Automatic Packaging Machine Connector Detection Machine Automatic Packing Machine Automatic Packing Machinery for Electronic Connector Automatic Packaging Machine for Electronic Connector CCD Testing Equipment Automatic Packing Machinery Electrical Connector Packaging Machinery Electrical Connector Packaging Equipment Connector detection and packaging machine Connector detection and packaging system Automatic testing and packing equipment CCD visual inspection machine for connector Automatic connector detection equipment CCD Testing And Packaging Machine USB Testing And Packaging Machine 

Blister Packaging Machine

Blister Box Automatic Packing Machine Automatic Blister Packing Machine Automatic Blister Sealing Machine semi automatic blister packing machine Plastic box packing machine Plastic Blister Box Automatic Packaging Machine 

Card Binding Machine

Cardboard Automatic Binding Packaging Machine Professional Card Binding Machine For Industrial Cardboard wire bundling machine Semi-automatic Cardboard Binding Machine Wire spiral binding machine Semi automatic strapping machine 

Carton Packaging Machine

Small Carton Sealing Packaging Machine Carton Automatic Sealing Machines Carton automatic sealing packaging machine Carton Automatic Packaging Equipment Non - standard custom carton packaging equipment Carton Automatic Package Equipment Carton automatic corner sealing machine Small color box automatic sealing machine Automatic carton box opening machine Fully automatic sealing machine Carton automatic packaging equipment Carton automatic sealing equipment Carton automatic packing machine Automatic carton package machine Carton Automatic Packaging Machine Carton box packing machine Automatic heat sealing machine Automatic pouch packing machine Packaging equipment and machinery 

Automatic Feeding Machine

Spring Separator

Spring Automatic Separating Machine High Quality Automatic Spring Separator High Efficiency Small Spring Separator High-quality small spring separator High speed spring automatic separator High-Quality Automatic Spring Separator Machine High Speed Spring Separator Machine High Speed Spring Separate machine Automatic Spring Separator Machine Small Spring Separator Machine Spring Automatic Feeding Machine 

Spring Feeder Machine

Professional Custom-Made Spring Automatic Feeding Machine Automatic Spring Bowl Feeder Systems High Efficiency Spring Separating and Feeder Machine High Efficiency Spring Vibratory Bowl Spring Vibratory Bowl Feeder Design Sprng vibratory bowl part feeding systems Vibratory Bowl Feeder Automation Design Linear Vibratory Feeder For Spring Non-standard custom vibrating bowl feeder Non-standard Automatic bowl feeder design Automatic Feeding Machine For Spring Design For Automatic Feeding machine Spring Bowl Feeder Design Spring Vibrating Bowl Design Spring Vibratory Bowl Feeder Automation Devices Vibratory Feeder Mechanical Feeders In Automation Automatic Spring vibratory bowl Factory automation customized spring feeder Spring Feeder Machine Design 

Automatic Screw Machine

Automatic Feeding Screw Machine

Automatic Screw feeder with Screwdriver Automatic Screw Feeder Machine with Screwdriver Portable Automatic Screw Feeder Automatic Screw Bowl Feeder Screw Feeder Machine With Screwdriver Screw Bowl Feeder Design Automatic Screw Feeding Machine System Automatic Screw Feeding Machine Design 

Automatic locking Screw Machine

Multi Heads Automatic Screw Locking Machine Multi Station Multi Head Automatic Screw Machine Non-Standard Customized High-Speed Automatic Screw Machinery Automatic Screw Machinery With Robot Arm Blowing Type Automatic Lock Screw Capping Machine Customized Automatic Screw Driving Machinery Desktop Robot Automatic Screw Machinery LED Screen Automatic Locking Screw Machine Automatic Locking Screw Machine and Module Multi Heads Automatic Screw Dispenser (most 24 screwdrivers) Automatic Locking Screw Machine for Switch Socket Automatic Screw Feeder Machine for Electric Meter Automatic Locking Screw Dispenser for Relay Mutual Inductor PCB Plate Automatic Screw Fastening Machine Online Automatic Locking Screw Machine Assembly Line Non-standard Automatic Screw Machine PCB Plate Automatic Screw Machine Robot Arm Automatic Screw Machine 

Hand Lock Screw Machine

Hand-held Screw Machine with Screw Feeder Automatic Electric Screwdriver Machine Handheld electric screw driving machine Automatic Screw Driving Machine 

Sharpening Machine

End Mill Re-sharpening Machine

Erm-20 End Mill Re-Sharpening Machine High Quantity Erm-20 End Mill Universal Grinding Machine Tool universal grinding machine BRM-13 ball milling cutter grinding machine ERM-12 Milling grinding machine ERM12 tool sharpening machine 

Drill Re-sharpening Machine

DRM-20 Drill Re-Sharpening Machine 3-20 Drill Grinder Machine Portable 3-30mm drill grinding machine 3-30 electric tool sharpener grinder 

Winding Machine

New Fully Automatic Coiling Wire Winding Machine High Perfomance Fully Automatic Coil Winding Machine High Efficiency Automatic Wire Winding Machinery Automatic Wire Winding PP Film Machine Automatic Wire Winding Equipment Automatic Coil Winding Machine Automatic wire winding machine Non - standard custom coil winding machine Full Automatic Wire Winding Equipment Wire automatic winding machine 

Laser Marking Machine

Automatic Marking Machine for PCB Plate Circuit Board Industrial Automatic Marking Equipment for Circuit Board Nonstandard automatic laser Marking equipment Automatic ultraviolet laser marking machine 3W UV laser marking machine Optical fiber laser marking machine Industrial laser marking machine 10W UV laser marking machine Industrial laser printing machine 

Robot Production Line

Industrial Automation Robot Production Line Industrial Automation And Robotics Assembly Line Robotics equipment design for Screw Machine Industrial Robot Arm design for Automatic Screw Machine Automatic punching industrial robot arm 

Welding Machine

High Frequency Turntable welding machine High frequency Linear welding machine High frequency welding equipment Copper pipe welding machine High frequency induction welding equipment Professional high-frequency welding Machine High frequency induction welding machine Automatic high frequency resistance welding machine 

Hardware Equipment

Curling Machine

Vertical Hydraulic Curling Machine Hydraulic roll rounding machine Automatic edge coiling machine 

Spinning Machine

400 Type CNC Spinning Machine Automatic numerical control spinning machine Numerical control spinning machine for LED lamp Simple numerical control spinning machine 

Shearing Machine

Internal and external shearing machine Specialized production pneumatic shear circle machine Pneumatic stainless steel shearing machine 

Rolling Machine

Cone cylinder coiling machine Hydraulic round sharpe rolling machine Hardware Processing Series Automatic Edge Coiling Machine 

Edge Cutting Machine

Four Column Hydraulic Rotary Cutting Machine Professional supply all kinds of edge pressing machine Edge pressure cutting edge machine 

Tube Equipment

Pipe Cutting Machine

Spring Tube Cut-off Machine Full Automatic Pipe Cutting Machine Pneumatic Quick Pipe Cutting Machine Automatic Metal Cutting Machine 

Contracting Pipe Machine

Horizontal Pipe Shrink Machine Vertical pipe shrink machine Fully automatic double head tube shrink machine 

Pipe Bending Machine

Automatic single head bending machine Automatic hydraulic pipe bending machine Metal automatic pipe bending machine 

Chamfering Machine

Semi-automatic Single End chamfering Machine Automatic double head chamfering machine 

Buckle Accessories

Fashionable Shoes Buckles with High Quality Shoes Accessories of Zinc Alloy Buckle Double Holes Hook for Special Shoe Buckles Fashion Ornaments for Shoe Buckle Fashion Accessories for Shoe Buckle Shoe Buckle with High Quality 

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